What Our Students Say About Us

“My son and I are very pleased we have a chance to be trained by the most talented Masters in whole USA. Fascinating experience and knowledge” –Viktoria Zamrii

“This school teaches kids self defense, discipline, and great values! One of the Best decisions you can make for your child!” –Lana Becker

“My son and myself are the students at Kogan Self Defense since 2013. Great school with spacious and fully equipped facility. Very professional training team. Grand Master Mikhail Kogan is a worldwide recognized expert in various martial art styles, combat arts and self-defense techniques. For his long term career in training military and law enforcement personnel he created his unique style which actually works for the wide spectrum of students, from the beginners to mature professionals. Very friendly environment, good sense of humor is highly valued and appreciated here! If you’re looking for the martial arts school for your kids and yourself to learn the stuff that really works – this is the right place to go.” –Herman Fein

“I am a current trainee at Kogan Self Defence. The place is oriented for what you need to train, which keeps you focused on what you go there to learn. Instructors are professional, and they are coming from different backgrounds, that makes this training location very diverse. I go there with my 13 year old son, and we both get plenty advise, and extra attention if more help is needed. Me and my son enjoy this training a lot, and will continue to go there because this is a place that gets the job done. They teach multiple different styles, so it was not hard to find what we wanted. Instructors are paying close attention to your progress, and guide you in the right direction. After all I’m glad we are there and we will continue to train at Kogan Self Defence.” –Konstantin Burkut

“All the instructors are incredible; they are very good with children and truly care about them. It has a family feel that is very welcoming to both new and existing students. They work to develop the students physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s a great school for my child to learn how to protect, discipline himself and to be respectful, helpful to the others. I love and respect all the instructors there who love our kids and are trying hard to make a difference in their lives. The Grandmaster Mikhail Kogan is very cordial and highly skilled and knowledgeable on various martial arts. From the facility to the staff, it’s a top-notch operation. You learn valuable skills while having fun, and you get a great workout.” I highly recommend this dojo for anyone looking for a karate school.” –Irina Sokolova

“One of the best experience I have had in a long time. Sensei Kogan delivers a true in your face experience of martial arts. He’s honest, blunt and a NO nonsense instructor. You have to earn your belt it’s not given. A true experience if you want to learn martial arts not dance!” –Angel Santiago

“This is a great Hapikido school to take you kids to learn self defense, martial arts and improve fitness. I’ve known Master Kogan for many years and have complete trust and faith in what he teaches.” –Dr. Leo Gerdov

“Mikhail is a great teacher and an actual Grand Master; which is a rare find. We’ve gone to several dojos before this one. At every dojo, the sensei had us believing they were the best. However, after seeing Mikhail, there was an immediately recognizable difference in his depth of knowledge (of several martial arts) and his coaching ability. Kogan’s Self Defense has great classes for all ages (literally all ages), and kids really like him.” –Alex Winber