History Of Crushalo By German Popov

What carries the title: The school of martial arts, “Choi” – Style Master U Thaung Din? Origin of School?

The basis of our study techniques – Burmese Style Master U Thaung Din. Master styled his style is simple – Self-Defense. Later, the grateful disciples after the departure from the life of U Thaung Din, paying tribute to the greatest of respect, and have decided to call the style of his name. In Myanmar, by the way the Master taught his style very limited number of students.

Historically, that in Russia the school became known as “CHOI”. However, Choi – this is not a style master U Thaung Din, a transformed and systematized knowledge that German Vasil’evich was studying with Master U Thaung Din. Thus was born the CTW (base-Sectional Method, or “CHOI”). In the Master Popov GV I had the privilege to engage in about 12 years, and before that eight years have Tolstikov Vladimir Petrovic, a student Popov GV

german popov

Then, on the recommendation of Herman Vasilyevich Popov I was (along with Sagoyanom OA) in the Master U Thaung Din and his senior students. At that time, it took about 25 years, since Popov GV returned to Russia after studying with Master U Thaung Din. All this time, U Thaung Din continued to refine its direction. Therefore, the methodology and technical actions over the years have changed course. It was the creative fusion of Burmese, Indian, Chinese and Japanese techniques, and even British boxing. But most importantly, all this variety of vehicles accumulating on a single, universal system, consisting of a small number of dynamic basic movements.

To date, the length of the path length of more than 40 years, closed at a new stage in its development.

Naturally, Style Master U Thaung Din a harmonizes with CTW, in general, it is not surprising, then the roots are common. About the base-Sectional Method a lot has been said and shown in detail will not, except to say that the core of CTW are 12 body movements, hand movements and 12 movements of six feet. Undoubtedly, the method is very useful as a more appropriate psychophysiological-cal and mental characteristics of the modern European man to facilitate the learning process.

In summary, the School – a combination of:

What is the school today?

As already mentioned, the style is universal, then what on the same basis, we practice and a health and fitness topics. However, along with the academic quality of education has always distinguished school application oriented, whether it be self defense when attacked by any kind of weapon, and use available tools and various household items in the defense and attack if necessary. (“Everything that surrounds us – can serve as a weapon” – U Thaung Din)

To make the movements of a special rate at the School provides a specific section, which permeates the entire culture of military movements. Working title – Technology developments so-called “rhythm-momentum.” In the future, I hope, be able to develop a clear and science-based terminology.

In short, the question of consciousness in the maximum suspension from participation in the processing of information at the time of action (the situation is changing every moment), thereby increasing the rate several times, and the reaction force. Here we “think” like direct muscles and tendons, which naturally accelerates the reaction, strikes, etc. Theme is not new, but we have a concrete, practical and valid methods of teaching, without attracting all kinds of mysticism and esotericism.

What do you think the goals, objectives and prospects practiced your style?

Because the school is not a book, static knowledge, but live succession from master to master, which is why our goal is to preserve the knowledge, skills, traditions and spirit of the school. In addition, we strive to maintain stylistic features of the School, a unique technology, not to the detriment of efficiency, of course. Also note that the school family, and this means that the martial arts to promote health, rejuvenate and have a positive impact on all spheres of life: home, family, work, that person is engaged in, etc.


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