Martial Arts

Martial arts is excellent to study if you want to learn self discipline, fighting skills, fitness and confidence. Depending on what art you choose, Martial arts teach you striking skills, joint locks, throws and grappling. When you know Martial arts, you can defeat opponents by using a variety of punching, kicks, knees, elbows, locks and throws.

Martial arts will help you develop:

– Fitness, stamina and strength
– Mental and spiritual development
– Efficient fighting skills

Martial arts is extremely effective in some combat situations, but…

What happens If the attacker doesn’t play by the rules? You can’t use Martial arts techniques in all situations in the street. Martial arts doesn’t have techniques to stop an attacker in the streets where there isn’t any rules.

And what about groups of attackers? Do you know how to get away when three or four attackers have surrounded you on all sides?

Martial arts is fun and challenging but it won’t prepare you for REAL STREET FIGHTS. Martial arts is a ring or mat sport where you are taught to fight other people often who are using the same Martial art, playing by that Martial arts rules and there is a referee and a corner to throw the towel in if you are getting beaten.

Real life attackers don’t care about the rules. They’ll throw everything they have at you, and they won’t stop to consider whether it’s right or wrong. They will spit, bite, gouge or do anything they can to beat you. There is no referee or corner man in the street to stop the fight.


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